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Storage & Loading facilities - Security & Environment


In the spirit of environmental management and security, the corporate of CONTINENTAL TANKING COMPANY undertakes to respect the principles of an environmental management system described by the ISO 14001 standard.  It is a very important challenge for the company at all levels.

Already concerned by clean and safe workplaces in the past, the company has performed in decreasing environmental impact and increasing the safety of its storage locations. Serving customers, in respect of the environment, COTANCO demonstrates its willingness to meet this challenge successfully.

This ISO 14001 certification will bring :
  • A better business development through a greater customer satisfaction and environmental partners who are at the center of concern.
  • Internal and external cooperative relations and participation of everyone to improve the safety and environmental management; work is valued by this team spirit.
  • Improving competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact will ensure the sustainability of each employee's interests and the future of our products.
  • A strategy of objectives, forecasts and controls that lets you anticipate problems, avoid defects and reduce environmental risks.
The concept of environmental impact will be seen here in the largest sense.
  • The impact of the activity is first felt by colleagues who are in daily contact with hazardous materials. It is the safety and the health aspects of the activity.
  • It manifests itself later in the environment of the company (emissions, immiscions, discharged water), our purchasers of waste and final consumers of our products.
  • It sensitizes especially the immediate area, the municipality, the region or the host country. The statement of environmental policy will be available to the public, accordingly.
  • It is regulated and controlled by the application of laws, decrees or directives that the company is obliged to respect and prove it.

Going into the process of the ISO 14001 certification, the company is addressing a real challenge.

It requires continues action of each employee who contributes :
  • to the setup of procedures which verify that each operation is proceeding as planned;
  • to the required trainings related to those procedures;
  • to ensure self-discipline to comply therewith;
  • to review the effects and results of procedures;
  • to commit with a continuous improvement process of environmental performance;
  • to commit with a continuous improvement process of risk management;
  • to build a system which anticipates pollutions and environmental impacts of forecasted investments;
  • to re-examine the environmental policy in the management review.

This approach encourages the company to develop a corporate culture where everyone in his work, needs to understand that he has an important influence on the risk management and on the decrease of environmental impact related to the company's activities. For the management, the employees from the storage locations, the truck drivers, the shipping, commercial and external partners, the environment and safety must be a major concern. The expertise developed in the past is directly bounded to the actual responsibilities.

Environment and safety are everyone's business !

In 2007, we have achieved the certification in compliance with ISO 14001. As a consequence, the company has been recognized as a leader where the final customer, the environment and the safety are integrated in the core business.

But there does not stop the work. Day after day we should improve the system by fixing goals and objectives in order to decrease more and more the risks and the environmental impacts of our activities.